Choosing a professional moving company for your move is extremely important to ensure this potentially stressful time is performed with the utmost care and efficiency. When you choose The Moving Company, you can move with total confidence.

By entrusting Buddy-Mover with your move, you are in good hands. Our team understand the stress and inconvenience moving can create, whether you’re moving across town or the other side of the world. With highly qualified staff, our services are designed to ensure that you’re not distracted by the moving process, which means you can focus on your new home, city or country.

The philosophy of Buddy-Mover is built around providing a quality moving service that represents great value for money. We achieve this by having a team of employees who are customer focused and have a wealth of experience moving indivduals, families and businesses.

The ultimate success of your relocation will depend on the confidence and experience of your moving team. You can have peace of mind knowing that our moving staff are independently security checked and highly trained through an internal packers’ scheme specifically tailored to all operational aspects of our business.

Staff training includes preparing inventories, packing techniques, moving grand pianos, crating cars, and stowing containers. The scheme measures each employees performance which allows the company to work with each individual packer to achieve the highest skill level and remuneration. As we develop new techniques and methods, these are added to the scheme, ensuring we continue to deliver our services at the highest level.