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Farewell Party Ideas

Throwing a goodbye party

Are you or someone you love moving away soon? The occasion definitely calls for a party! But where should you start? Whether you’re having a farewell party for someone else or planning one for yourself, we have 10 exciting theme ideas and 5 must-haves to help you make the most of the celebration.

10 going away party themes

Stumped about how to celebrate? Check out these fun goodbye party themes to jumpstart your party planning as you prepare to say goodbye to friends or family. 

Destination to-do

Plan the party with the moving destination in mind. For moves to Hawaii, host a luau complete with traditional island foods. Moves to southern California can have a beachy theme with sea food and palm tree décor. Or choose a western theme for moves to Texas with all the fixins’ for a BBQ. The possibilities are endless!

Holiday happenings

When your loved one is moving away, you might worry about missing some major holidays with them due to the physical distance. Celebrate all the holidays at once with a party that incorporates your favorite holidays such as Independence Day, New Year’s Day, Halloween or Christmas. Who says you can’t eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal while decorating with Easter eggs and Valentine’s Day hearts? You can with this fun party idea!

Packing pizza party

Order lots of pizza and gather family and friends to get the house packed up. To up the fun, plan for packing races to see who can get a room ready to move the fastest. 

Making memories

Friends and family leaving can often bring up a lot of memories, so lean in and host a party full of nostalgia. Have slideshows of favorite goodbye quotes, videos and photo boards on hand for décor and encourage guests to share their favorite stories. Be sure to have a memory book or record messages to remember the party for years to come. Foods can be traditional childhood favorites or the best neighborhood takeout.

Get your body “moving” dance party

Celebrate moving by doing just that — move your body with a dance party. Create your own playlist or check out our playlist of goodbye songs to get started. Whether it’s line dancing, two-stepping or trying out the latest TikTok dance craze, you and the guests are sure to have a great time showing off some moves!

Day (or night) on the town

Give the guest of honor a last trip through the town with visits to special places. Have meals at the best restaurants, visit tourist locations or go bargain hunting at your favorite shopping center.

Game night

Host a game night with board games and karaoke or go to a local bowling alley, skating rink or arcade for some good, old-fashioned fun. Serve popcorn, chips and finger foods so you can keep up the competition.

Murder-mystery dinner party

Candlestick- or knife-shaped cookies anyone? Host a dinner party with a murder-mystery theme for guests to work their brain muscles while enjoying a formal meal with good company. You can find all sorts of mysteries online or come up with your own for some extra suspense.

Surprise party

Who doesn’t love a good surprise party? Well, some people don’t, but if your guest of honor seems like the type, plan a surprise for them at a local venue or your own home for some good times and good food.

No-theme goodbye party

Sometimes the best parties have no themes at all. Just gather with family and friends for food and a good time. Have a potluck at someone’s house or meet at a local restaurant to unwind for a meal together.

5 must-haves for farewell party planning

Here are the things you need for any type of party you choose. 

  • Date. Choose a date that works well for the person or family making a move. Often a couple of weeks before moving day work well.  
  • Venue. Don’t assume you can host the party at the home of your guest of honor (unless it’s a packing party) since the house may be stacked with boxes. Opt for hosting at your own home, a park, a restaurant or a community space instead.  
  • Guestlist. Prepare a guest list with important family and friends included. Request RSVPs so you’ll know who’s coming and can have enough food and drinks. 
  • Food. You have to feed the party people, so order or prepare food for the people coming (plus a little extra for those forgotten RSVPs) and be ready to enjoy the snacks or meal. 
  • Fun. Plan some moving-themed party games to keep things exciting. Farewell word searches, goodbye Mad Libs, or a family-friendly (or not) game of “Never have I ever” are sure to please the crowd. 

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